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Standard Poodle Litter

Timelines: Our Puppy Process

We try to keep it simple, but on this page you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about How to be added to the Waitlist, How the Waitlist Works, and so on. We encourage any new poodle owner to take the time to learn about this breed and be sure it's what you want BEFORE you buy. Standard Poodles are amazing companions - smart, capable, and loving - but they require constant coat care and something to do to avoid boredom.

This page covers our our Interest list, Puppy Timeline and Pick List, Deposits, Payment Methods, and Refunds


Responsible breeders provide a contract detailing what we can expect from one another, and it requires both the buyer and the seller to sign. It is a simple contract - we'll give the big overview followed by any details. You can review a summary of our Purchase Contract & Health Guarantee online.


If after reviewing our information you would like to move forward, please complete our puppy application . The application does not obligate us to one another, it simply helps us determine if we can help place you with the pup you're looking for. We ask many questions to understand the best match for your new companion - which is just as important for you as it is the puppy! 


At any time, you may request to be added to our Interest list by filling out the Application or emailing us. There is no deposit required or accepted to be on the list, and being on the interest list is not a 'hold' or 'reservation'. The interest list is just a no-obligation way to let us know you'd like to be contacted when we are expecting a litter and when a litter arrives. 

Interest List

PUPPY TIMELINE AND PICK LIST - Before the litter arrives

We will maintain an "interest list" for individuals interested in a standard poodle puppy. The interest list consists of those who have met with us and/or who have completed a Puppy questionnaire and have spoken with us. The list is not a reservation for a puppy but a list of those we will contact when puppies are available.  When we have more interest than we have puppies, we will go in date order for those who've expressed interest, but our primary goal will be to match a puppy to the family that may best fit its temperament and our goals for the puppy.


Place a deposit! When the litter is 2-days old, we will send a puppy announcement to those on the waitlist. At that time we will begin accepting deposits. A puppy is not reserved until a deposit is received. No matter when you contacted us to be placed on the interest list, only a deposit received reserves a spot. In no case will we accept more deposits than we have puppies available. Please see Payment Methods and Deposits sections below for more detail.


Once we receive your deposit, you will be provided a receipt that lets you know which "pick number" you are on the list. The Pick Number is the order in which new families will pick their puppy on Puppy Pick day.



Once we have received a deposit, we will provide a receipt via email or in person with your "pick number" listed. During this period, we'll set up a puppy cam so you may view the puppies as they grow. In the first 4 weeks we invite the adults in the home (no children please!) to come out and visit the puppies; we only ask that you be respectful when requesting visits as we have full-time jobs outside the house and need to balance the busy puppy time with some downtown for ourselves.


This is a busy period for our puppies - they are growing and learning quickly! During this period we have friends and their children over for socialization and puppy parties, and we invite adopting families to come out too. It's a lot of fun and a chance to learn some of the Puppy Culture principles! If you are local and have placed a deposit, we encourage you to come visit us during our Puppy Parties, where you can visit with your pup, help us socialize the litter, and possibly meet members of his siblings' new families! Humans only; for safety we do not allow other dogs to visit.


It's Puppy Pick Day! Why do we wait until 6 weeks old? Because until then you really haven't had a chance to sense a puppy's personality. Is he active? Bold? Talkative? Quiet and observant? Ideally we'd wait until 8 weeks but we know it's hard to wait so long to know who you're bringing home. 6 weeks strikes an acceptable balance. When the puppies are 4 weeks old, we will set up a 1-hour appointment with each deposit holder in order of Pick Number for the Saturday after pups turn 6 weeks old. It is at this appointment puppies will be chosen. If you're local, we invite the family (humans only!) to come in person to select their new family member.  If you're out of the area, we are happy send photos or use Facetime or Skype™ with you so you may see the puppies in real time. *Please note that Breeder will always have first pick, so first deposit holder will be Pick #2 unless Breeder decides not to keep a pup.

We will do our best to help select a puppy who will meet your needs. From the time we first meet you, we focus on your needs and expectations for your new puppy. Our priority is to match each pup with their ideal family, one that will be their forever home. We take into consideration the order in which individuals are placed on the waiting list, as well as their plans, preferences, and lifestyles. 

PAYMENT DUE!  Deposit holders will be sent or given an invoice for the balance of the puppy. For payments via Zelle, Paypal, or for puppies that will be shipped, the invoice will be due at this time. For those paying in cash, the balance is due in full when you arrive to pick up your pup.


We do not believe in holding money, so If you have paid a deposit and are not thrilled with the puppies in this litter, or if a suitable pup is not available when it's your time to choose, we will refund your deposit once another person has taken your place on the deposit/pick list. See "REFUNDS" section below for more information.


The long wait is over! After the puppies have received their vaccination and health certificates (which will happen sometime during the 8th week), your puppy will be ready to go home. When picking up your puppy, plan to spend 30-45 minutes as we register your puppy's microchip and provide an overview of his/her health record, upcoming schedule, and to make sure you're ready for your new adventure! 

Note - Under no circumstances will a puppy be released prior to being evaluated at our vet and receiving a health certificate at 8 weeks of age. 


When puppies are 48-hours old we send an email to those on the waiting list that we are now accepting deposits. A deposit of 1/3 purchase price is required to reserve a puppy. We will accept deposits only after puppies are 48-hours old. We will never accept more deposits than we have puppies available. 

Puppies Under six weeks - Refundable deposit of 1/3 purchase price is required to hold a spot on the puppy pick list (see Holds and Reserves.) Full purchase price due at six weeks of age unless paid in full by cash at time of puppy pickup. 

Puppies Six Weeks and older - Full purchase price due at time of reservation unless making final payment by cash upon pickup, in which case 1/3 deposit of purchase price is required to hold a puppy with balance due at pickup.


Puppies are chosen at 6 weeks of age in the order in which deposits were received. The order in which puppies are chosen is called the puppy pick list.

Puppies under 6 weeks old - Deposit holds a place on puppy pick list. Puppies are chosen and reserved at 6 weeks of age in the order deposits were received.

Puppies over 6 weeks old - Deposit reserves specific puppy

Please see the PUPPY TIMELINE section above for more information on how the puppy pick list works.

The Following are accepted types of payments:


Cash - We will accept cash for payment during pickup. You will be given a receipt for your payment.

Zelle / Bank Transfer - Transfer money free of charge privately and securely directly from your bank to ours. If you bank with some of the nation's largest financial institutions, your mobile banking app is already set up to transfer funds using Zelle. Funds are done as a bank-to-bank transfer with neither party sharing personal banking information. - You may pay a deposit and/or balance for free through Good Dog also offers the option for the Buyer to pay a fee to enact Purchase Protections and other benefits. More Buyer Protection information is available on the Good Dog website.


PayPal - Pay securely by credit or debit card using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal. You can use our emailed invoice to pay directly via PayPal for both the deposit and the balance. Please note that PayPal payments will automatically include a 3.3% surcharge that is in addition to the puppy fee. PayPal is a secure, encrypted online payment processor that allows you to use a major credit or debit card to make a payment. We do not see your credit card information and your payment is protected against fraud.  


Personal Checks - Please inform us if you intend to pay by check. Personal pre-printed checks are accepted if received 10 days prior to pickup and only if drawn on one of the following banks or credit unions: USAA; PNC; Addition Financial; SunTrust; Bank of America; Chase; Fifth-Third; Wells Fargo.


We keep in contact with our prospective buyers and we do appreciate a quick email or call if you change your mind and decide not to go forward with your purchase. And, NO, that does not mean we cannot be friendly and are not interested in you or the questions you may have in the future. It just allows us to find that puppy a good home in another place. Please be kind and let us know if you change your mind.  


We assume that anyone who has put down a deposit has considered their choice and is committed to bringing a puppy home! With that said, if you have paid a deposit but are unable to complete the sale, please let us know as soon as possible but before the puppy is 8 weeks old. We will make every attempt to find the puppy a new home and will refund your deposit once we do. If you cancel the sale after the pup is 8 weeks old and have not made final payment, you are not responsible for final payment but will forfeit any deposit made.

If you have made full payment but suddenly find yourself unable to take the puppy on pickup day, we will refund your payment less amount equal to deposit amount  after we find the puppy a new home. Refund will be made by same method payment was received.

General refund policy:

If you cancel before the puppy is 8 weeks old and you have...

  • Paid a Deposit but have a balance due - You will receive a Full refund of amount paid AFTER we find puppy another home

  • Paid the full balance  - You will receive a Full Refund of amount AFTER we find puppy another home

If you cancel when or after the puppy is 8 weeks old OR if you do not pick up puppy as scheduled, and you have ... 

  • Paid a Deposit but have a balance due - You will Forfeit the deposit amount and the puppy with no further balance due

  • Paid the full balance - You will forfeit the deposit amount. We will refund of price paid less deposit amount  AFTER we find puppy another home.

*Please note that any refunds for payments made via PAYPAL will be less the 3.3% service charge PAYPAL charged for the original payment.​


While we prefer to meet you in person, however under normal circumstances we do ship via airline within the continental USA. Please note that the global COVID-19 pandemic may impact our ability to ship, so be sure to check with airlines to see whether they are shipping animals before committing to buy. Puppies must be 10 weeks old before they will be shipped. We prefer United's PetSafe program. The cost for most destinations varies and will be disclosed before billing, and includes recent health certificate, certificate of acclimation, and shipping carrier.

Paymnt Methods
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