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Getting a healthy puppy from health-tested parents is important, but did you know that your breeder's involvement in your puppy's first 8 weeks can be as important to your puppy's future as genetics? 


From Early Neurological Stimulation, to startle reflex, to clicker training and housebreaking, Puppy Culture, in combination with breed-specific demands and our own philosophy, help map out each puppy's time with us. 

We encourage puppy owners to continue using Puppy Culture during the early formative weeks. Learn more by clicking the Puppy Culture image!



Understanding that everything a puppy experiences in its early life can have an impact on how he functions in the world, we start exposing our puppies to touch and smells before their eyes even open. Principles from Puppy Culture and Avidog have provided us a solid, predictable framework for raising happy, well-adjusted Standard Poodle puppies.  Using this template maximizes the physical and emotional development during each phase in the puppy's rapidly developing first weeks.

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By the time they go to their new homes, our puppies will spend time being separated from littermates. They will be used to being crated and will have started potty training, and will begin to learn other rules common in any household.


From our puppies parents and our experience we know to expect puppies with happy-go-lucky personalities that range between being serious work dogs and fun-loving velcro dogs. We spend a lot of time observing, handling, and working with our puppies and in the process we get to know our puppies quite well. The inherent nature of each dog is different, and we can tell you the wallflowers from the more adventurous ones. Generally speaking, girls choose one person in the family as "their person" and boys like everyone. While their temperaments are fairly consistent, our standard poodle puppies can be molded into almost whatever you teach them to be. We look forward to helping you explore their potential.


We offer standard poodle puppies that have already begun training, housebreaking, and controlled socialization. In the weeks before you take them home we incrementally habituate the puppies to a wide range of sights and situations.  While there is always someone home, our puppies are on a standard "work hours" schedule so they get used to being without their people for periods of time before going to their forever home.


Our Standard Poodles have been genetically health tested and cleared of poodle genetic disorders including von Willebrand disease, Degenerative Myelopathy, prcd-PRA , NEwS, Gangliosidosis, Osteochondrodysplasia and more. Our testing results are publicly available on Embark and OFA (see OUR CREW page for individual links.)


All our standard poodle puppies visit our vet and are given a Florida Veterinary Certificate of Inspection, also known as a health certificate, before going home. Your puppy will be up-to-date on all shots, parasite-free and introduced to grooming and nail clipping. Their tails will be docked to proper 3/4 length.



​Puppies are microchipped with AKC Reunite before going to their new homes. We provide a written health guarantee stating your puppy will be free of genetic hip dysplasia or other inheritable disease and is of good temperament when you take it home.  All puppies go home with our contract, AKC registration and a binder full of information to help get you through that first year. 


We are available to help with day to day problems, questions and provide advice where needed - we're just a phone call away! Also, if for ANY reason, you must part with one of our dogs, at ANY age, we will always accept them back either to live out their life here or to be re-homed. We do this so none of our dogs will ever end up in an unsuitable home or animal shelter.

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