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Our UKC/AKC standard poodles reflect the wider range of colors and patterns available - apricots, creams, blues, browns, and multi-colors including brindle, sable and parti - all recognized colors and patterns. Our lines do not contain merle and we do not produce doodles. We have four standards that live with us, and two that live close by. We use qualified studs from outside our lines to improve conformation and maintain genetic diversity.

UKCPremier Show

IntCH NatChJr UCh Forest City's In a Field of Daffodils

"Poppy" DOB 9/14/22

Tested clear for vWB, NEwS, DM, prcd-PRA, and dozens more

Tested Genotype: aYa, DD, BB, Ee, KBrky, SS

Genetic Testing results at Embark

View Poppy's OFA at

Poppy's Pedigree

So much to say about Poppy! She's a lover like her mom LeeLo, loves to train like her granddad Zero, and pays close attention whenever there's a new lesson afoot. Poppy has a great deal of swagger in the ring and finished her International and National Championship, UKC championship, and earned two grand championship legs before her first birthday. We have high hopes for miss Poppy!

Forest City's Always the Padawan BCAT CGC

"Soki" DOB 12/27/20

AKC/UKC/IABCA Registered 

Testing: CHIC#181397  Hips, Elbows, eyes, cardiac, day blindness

Tested clear for genetic diseases including Day Blindness (poodle type)

Tested Genotype: aYa, B/B, D/D, Eme, N/N, kBkB, and S/sp

Genetic testing results at Embark

View Soki's OFA Results at

Soki's Pedigree

Soki is a super-smart girl with energy for days! Always ready for action with a smile, she will retrieve until you're pooped, then settle down with you on the sofa while you watch your evening show. 

Forest City's Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes

"Obi" DOB 9/14/22

Cream male

Tested clear for vWB, NEwS, DM, prcd-PRA, and dozens more

Tested Genotype: ee, KBky, ayay, DD, BB, SS

Genetic Testing results at Embark

We lovingly refer to Obi as "Eeyore," as he has a very laissez-faire attitude toward all things in life. One thing we haven't convinced him of is ring-time but that's ok, not all dogs want to be show dogs. He's a beautiful, sturdy dog with a nice gait and a great conformation. At over 70lbs and 27", Obi is a big boy with a big bark, but his personality is pure mellow gold. 

BIS-A Forest City's Zero to Hero (Retired)

"Zero" DOB 12/05/2015

Charlie Brown's Phantom Opera BCAT CGC (AKC)

Silver Beige and White

OFA Hips - GOOD  Eyes: 2020 CAER Normal


Tested clear for vWB, NEwS, DM & prcd-PRA

Tested Genotype: Ay/at, b/b, D/D, E/e, Em/N, kB/ky, and S/sp.

Zero's always been a fabulous boy, even as a stud dog. His mellow demeanor and low pray drive contributed to him siring many successful service dogs and puppies that possess that same biddable temperament. Zero surprised us all when he went on to win Best In Show - Altered over 11 other breeds in his first show weekend at the ripe old age of 8. As we always say, everyone loves Zero! 

Forest City's Merry LeeLo (Retired)

"LeeLo" DOB 09/07/18

OFA Hips - GOOD  

Eyes: 2020 CAER Normal

Tested clear for vWB, NEwS, DM & prcd-PRA

Tested Genotype: ay/ay, B/b, D/D, e/e, N/N, KB/ky, S/S and mm

Genetic testing results at Embark

OFA Results at

LeeLo is the sweetest girl, at least to her family - she never did like the show ring. She's the one most likely to be found waiting outside the bathroom door or curling up to you as soon as you've made yourself comfortable on the sofa. She's a frequent crasher of Zoom conference calls by climbing into our lap, the first to alert at the door, and loves "full body contact" cuddling. Definitely a mommy's girl!

Doll-E Pardon, CGC (Retired)

"Dollie" DOB 01/04/2015

Apricot Female

OFA Results at

Dollie is the foundation of our current line of standard poodles. Calm, playful, and willing to do anything that makes sense to her, Dollie has proven to possess the intelligence, aloofness, grace, and clownishness that so precisely represents the standard poodle as a breed. 


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