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Our UKC/AKC standard poodles reflect the wider range of colors and patterns available - apricots, creams, blues, browns, and multi-colors including brindle, sable and parti - all recognized colors and patterns. Our lines do not contain merle and we do not produce doodles. We have five standards that live with us, and one that live close by. We use qualified studs from outside our lines to improve conformation and maintain genetic diversity.

UKCPremier Show


Poodle profiles

Forest City Standard Poodles is a small hobby-breeder in suburban Central Florida. We do not have kennels, have a limited number of dogs on site, and carefully plan one litter per year. Forest City Standards consists of me - Audria - my adult daughter, and a few friends who happily support me in the hobby. Our dogs are not our occupation - we are professionals with careers outside the animal field - but they are part of our family. And honestly, we really just enjoy our dogs.

For more than 50 years I've been a purebred dog enthusiast - I was the kid who memorized every dog breed and standard in the AKC Complete Dog Book (yeah, that book has been around for a long time!) After I brought home a beautiful apricot standard poodle puppy, the joy that girl brought our family made me decide to learn more, do more, and share more about the breed. To that end I've embarked on an ever-expanding journey of doing better to promote the standard poodle: Canine college, training classes, genetic testing, puppy enrichment programs, AKC breeder conferences, temperament testing, dog shows, dog sports, agility, nosework, BetterBred matches, long weekends, lots of travel, and a very skinny wallet! 

IntCH NatChJr RACEN UGRCh Forest City's In a Field of Daffodils BCAT CGC SPOT-ON ATT

"Poppy" DOB 9/14/22

AKC/UKC/IABCA Registered 

Testing Cardiac normal, Hips and Elbows pending for age

Tested clear for vWB, NEwS, DM, prcd-PRA, and dozens more

Tested Genotype: aYa, DD, BB, Ee, KBrky, SS

Genetic Testing results at Embark

View Poppy's OFA at

VGL: AGR 0.03  IR -0.03  OI 0.19  

So much to say about Poppy! She's a lover like her mom, loves to train like her granddad Zero, and pays close attention whenever there's a new lesson afoot. Poppy has a great deal of swagger in the ring and finished her International and National Championship, UKC championship, and earned two grand championship legs before her first birthday. She has multiple Best of Breed and Group wins to her credit, and we look forward to working on more!

Forest City's Always the Padawan BCAT CGC

"Soki" DOB 12/27/20

AKC/UKC/IABCA Registered 

Testing: CHIC#181397  Hips, Elbows, eyes, cardiac, day blindness

Tested clear for genetic diseases including Day Blindness (poodle type)

Tested Genotype: aYa, B/B, D/D, Eme, N/N, kBkB, and S/sp

Genetic testing results at Embark

VLG Pending

View Soki's OFA Results at

Soki is currently working on her championship and is a beautiful, well-proportioned super-smart girl with energy for days! Always ready for action with a smile, she will retrieve until you're pooped, then settle down with you on the sofa while you watch your evening show. Soki lives with our friend and her guardian mom Deb, and is the mother of our newest show prospect, Neo. 

UGRCh Forest City's Bangarang BCAT CGCU CGCA SPOT-ON

"Rufio" DOB 09/14/2022

AKC/UKC Registered 

Tested clear for Dayblindness, vWB, NEwS, DM, prcd-PRA, and dozens more

Tested Genotype: Ee, kyky, aya, DD, NN, Bb, S/sp

Genetic Testing results at Embark

VGL tested and listed on BetterBred

Rufio is a handsome mascara'd boy out of LeeLo and Toddius. A playful, loveable big boy with nice coat texture, a great front, and a fantastic temperament, Rufio hit the show ring as a pup and hasn't stopped! He is a blue-skinned sable which contributes to his striking appearance.

Rufio is owned, handled, and loved by Krystal Cliver of Thru The Eyes of Poodles, and is currently working on Dock Diving, agility, precision coursing, and DASH in addition to conformation.

RBPIS Forest City's Take The Red Pill

"Neo" DOB 11/27/2023

AKC/UKC Registered 

Tested clear for vWB, NEwS, DM, prcd-PRA, and dozens more

VGL: OI 0.35  AGR -0.10  IR -0.09

Most of the puppies we produce are solid, but Neo is the first solid we've taken in the ring. He's a big, mellow boy who has great potential! Neo is the son of  AP VPN RACEN CA UWPCH WBCH-G SGCH Thru The Eyes of Toddius Von Griseo FDC CA BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN ATT SPOT-ON  and Soki, and as you might see from all his dad's titles Neo has big shoes to fill! 

At 4-months old he won multiple Best of Breed placements, Reserve Puppy Best in Show, and a Best of Breed and Group 2 win (with competition!) in his first AKC BPUP show. As we expose him to more of the world we'll update his accomplishments here. 

BIS-A Forest City's Zero to Hero CGC BCAT (Altered)

Zero's always been a good boy. His mellow demeanor and low pray drive contributed to him siring many successful service dogs and puppies that possess that same biddable temperament. Zero surprised us all when he went on to win Best In Show - Altered over 11 other breeds in his first show weekend in Perry at very mature 8 years old. As we always say, everyone loves Zero! 

Doll-E Pardon, CGC (altered)

Forest City's Merry LeeLo (Altered)

LeeLo is the sweetest girl, at least to her family - she never did like the show ring. She's the one most likely to be found waiting outside the bathroom door or curling up to you as soon as you've made yourself comfortable on the sofa. She's a frequent crasher of Zoom conference calls by climbing into our lap, the first to alert at the door, and loves "full body contact" cuddling. Definitely a mommy's girl!

Forest City's Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes (altered)

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