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Guardianship - Families for our Puppy Picks

We take pride in not being a kennel. Rather than having a revolving door for dogs to go in and out of breeding service, our retired breeding dogs will live out their lives where they've been all along - with people they know and love.


At the same time, we strive to improve our breeding stock and need to add dogs to our program. With only so much space and time, participation in a Guardianship program allows us to place a favored puppy for free in a forever home in exchange for reserving temporary ownership and breeding rights for that dog. 

If you are interested in being considered as a Guardian home, please let us know. Preference will be made for an AKC or UKC conformation show home, or one who will actively pursue AKC title events, i.e.. Obedience, Rally, Agility, etc. A home must commit to obtaining at minimum Canine Good Citizen status. If you are interested, please indicate as such in the Puppy Questionnaire. Not all litters will have a guardian puppy available, and co-ownership with a show home may be considered in lieu of Guardianship.


We pick a puppy that has potential to provide what we're looking for in the future of our program, and we give it a qualified home within 50 miles of us. In general, we own the dog and reserve the right to show and breed it while it is in our program. You (the Guardian) get a free pick-of-the-litter AKC/UKC puppy, provide training, day-to-day care, and agree not to spay, neuter, or breed the dog while we are the owner. 

Preference is given to Guardians who intend to show in AKC/UKC conformation or other AKC sanctioned performance events. Those given a puppy for show purposes will be required to attend handling classes or have a show mentor, and begin showing within the first six months.

Here are the finer points:


·         Receives a free pick-of-the-litter AKC standard poodle puppy as chosen by breeder

·         Will provide regular veterinary care and exams, annual vaccines after the puppy series, proper food and general good care. Vet must be approved by breeder, and breeder must be listed as the owner

·         Allows breeder access to dog for health testing, hip x-rays, and other health clearances

·         Allows breeder access to the dog beginning with the 3rd heat or the heat closest to the 2nd birthday for breeding purposes

·         Allows dog to meet with stud/female on at least two occasions when female is ready for breeding

·         Allows dog to stay with breeder starting from 1 week before due date until puppies are fully weaned, usually around 6-7 weeks

·         Will show or make dog available to breeder for showing as needed

·         Must maintain residence within 50 miles of Orlando, FL

·         Must not have another intact dog in the household

·         Must not spay or neuter the dog without express written consent of the breeder

·         Will under no circumstances breed or allow dog to be bred without express consent of breeder

·         Will notify breeder each time female starts estrus and allow access to female for fertility testing during estrus


·         Maintains legal ownership and all AKC, UKC, and kennel club registrations for a specified timeframe

o    Male - FCS maintains ownership for 7 years unless otherwise agreed in writing (usually xx breeding rights after championship obtained)

o    Female - FCS maintains ownership for up to 4 litters starting at age 2, with 2 consecutive breeding cycles starting at age two, then one unbred cycle, then two final consecutive breeding cycles so long as health of the dog permits. 

·         Provides reimbursement for exam fee and required vaccinations for the first 3 puppy shot series at age 9 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. Heartworm preventative, deworming, regular parasitic control and other adhoc veterinary care will be the responsibility of Guardian.

·         Agrees to pay for sanctioned show entry and AKC/UKC title fees (fees only, not classes) at owner's discretion.

·         Agrees to provide and pay for PennHip/OFA hip testing, CAER eye testing, genetic testing, and any relevant fees for listing test results on

·         Agrees to give Guardian as far advanced notice as possible when making breeding arrangements

·         Agrees to allow Guardian to be present during birth of FCS puppies (if during reasonable hours.)

·         Agrees to transfer ownership to Guardian after breeding agreement is completed

·         Will pay for spay/neuter at veterinary facility of breeder's choice within 3 months AFTER FCS agreement fulfillment, if Guardian/Owner decides to do so.


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