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Meet Jack! Winter litter 2018

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

October 6 marks the Winter Litter 2018's 2nd Birthday!

"Jack is still super talkative and loves his humans. We’re still working on the talking to other dogs on walks thing! He's finally started to ignore some, puff his cheeks and grumble at others, and do the poodle chatty barking thing at others still. He loves his family dearly and is a bit of a mama's boy.

Jack works for his autistic six year old human at home and will be ready to work in public when we get the talking to other dogs sorted out with a trainer. He gets his kid to sleep, especially when words do not come easy to our son at night. "Go to Jack" is part of every calm down plan we have at our house but Jack is usually found near his boy anyway.

He brings so much laughter and joy to our home with his goofy face and night time zoomies. He's also rather fond of our rabbit! We're certain that he thinks the rabbit is a dog because they grew up together. He is so sweet and gentle with the bunny. Jack is the talk of our new neighborhood and everyone stops to tell us how pretty and fancy he looks. Words do not begin to describe how grateful we are to have him in our life. P.S: He still eats his dinner laying down like he did when he was a tiny pup!"

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