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2023 Litter Plans

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We are considering a litter for late Spring 2023. While we've always been fortunate to place all our puppies, other breeders are reporting difficulty in finding homes for their pups. We always have a list of folks waiting for a pup but with the puppy market so saturated, we are hesitant to bring pups into the world. Mother nature disagrees, and we're on a time clock. Soki (Forest City's Always the Padawan CGC BCAT) will be entering her fourth heat as a maiden, and with her health testing completed, she is ready!

Update - We will proceed with our plans to pair Soki and Todd in a couple weeks!

If we do decide to breed her this season, it will be with Grand Champion Toddius von Grigio. They can be expected to produce medium-sized standards with great conformation in solid, abstract, and parti-colors.

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