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1st Birthdays - Tucker

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Today is Tucker's Turn! November 26, 2020 is the Winter 2019's 1st birthday and we'll be featuring updates where we can over the next week. How can anyone not adore this handsome boy. Many thanks to his family for sharing!


"Tucker has added so much joy and laughter to our family. He is such a sweet boy and he listens so well. As his Papaw says “Better behaved than my children!” He loves everyone and is always ready to play. He has mastered staying in our yard and listening when it’s time to go in. He knows the commands- sit, stay, high five, down (lay down), up, off, in, potty, and eat. We are working on heel and some leash training now. No doubt that he will be mastered in those soon.

He loves the beach, his cousin Bowie (a poodle/Shih Tzu mix), his boy Nate, car rides, and squirrels. He weighs 44 lbs and measures 24 in tall. His coat has lightened quite a bit but still has his apricot stripe down his back and his ears. Momma won’t cut his ears too short in fear the apricot will diminish . He truly has been the best puppy we’ve have ever been around. We will forever be grateful to you and Dolly and Zero of course for giving us our Tucker Veto. "

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