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1st Birthdays - Rosie

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We're back with puppy updates! November 26, 2020 is the Winter 2019's 1st birthday and today we revisit silver girl Rosie. She's one of 3 silvers out of Zero and Dollie. Such a pretty girl!


"I’ve included this photo of Rosie to try to show how her silver is coming in. She’s so pretty! We especially love her the white borders around her ears: they look like tuxedo lapels!

Rosie is the most affectionate dog! She loves to snuggle and LOVES her people. Other likes: chasing balls (and mostly returning them!), chasing lizards, wrestling with her teenage humans. She still a talker, but is really improving when it comes to barking at other dogs she sees on walks. She has an amazing nose, and could probably be an excellent sniffer dog. I can tell if our neighbors have already walked their dogs in the morning just by how Rosie enthusiastically sniffs their path on the road!

We call her our pandemic puppy, and I don’t know if we have survived 2020 without her!"

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