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UKC Premier National Show 2023

The weather held all week in Kalamazoo during the UKC Premier National Specialty! No rain and pleasant temperatures were such a relief as the poodles were showing outdoors in ring 9. The range and quality of the other breeds was outstanding, and there was plenty to see during the four-day show. My favorites - the Giant Schnauzer and that loveable Newfoundland!

Poppy's results: No points, but plenty of love!

Show 1 - No ribbons, but we found a great photo of us from the UKC publication!

Show 2 - Reserve (2nd place) in the champion class

Show 3 - Reserve (2nd place) in the champion class.

Since I have family in Michigan, we were able to make the trip multi-purpose - visiting family, introducing Lake Michigan to a friend - but the mission was always to get Poppy out there and to have fun! And fun we had. Pretty sure we'll be going back next year, hopefully this time with Poppy in the Top Ten herself!

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