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The 2022 quad has arrived!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Four gorgeous and healthy puppies arrived early the morning of February 17th!

We have one cream boy (14oz), one brown boy (1lb), one apricot girl (15.1oz), and one brown girl (12.6oz). The grey-brown tone of the brown babies makes us suspect these will be silver beige; we'll know for sure in about four weeks! We haven't picked out registered names yet but have chosen ABBA-related theme names.

Because of this unusually small litter, we did not have a mass open for deposits for this litter. Over the next several weeks we will evaluate this litter for show or service potential and will then offer any available pups first to those that had been out to meet us in person in the past and had an open preference for color and gender. This isn't how we normally do things but under the circumstances, it's the most logical way to handle a small litter.

As long as LeeLo rebounds well after this small litter and she is medically sound, we will consider a repeat breeding in July using Todd as the stud. A July breeding would result in a litter that would be ready to go home in November. Those who expressed interest in this litter will automatically be kept on the list for the next litter. Alternately, we are planning a litter with Forest City's Always the Padawan (Soki) for 2023 pending titling and OFA hips.

We look forward to seeing Todd and LeeLo's first litter as they grow!

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