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Standard poodles make lovable, often affectionate companions, great service dog candidates, performance competitors, jogging and hunting companions, and capable watch dogs. We enjoy participating in obedience training with our dogs, steward for AKC competitions, and recently picked up FastCAT which is great fun for the dogs.

Forest City Standards is a small hobby breeder located near Orlando, FL and we raise only health-tested AKC registered standard poodles. Our poodles are not kennel dogs - they are part of our family. They live in our house, sleep in our beds, and keep us company when we travel. 

We occasionally have AKC/UKC Standard Poodle puppies from health-tested parents available to outstanding homes. We are located in Central Florida but have placed puppies from Maine to California.

We have a lot of information to share in these pages and keep a pretty active Facebook page, especially when puppies are afoot. Please explore!

"I always thought standard poodles were pretentious dogs for haughty people. I've had a list of qualities I wanted in the perfect companion dog and after a lifetime of having other breeds, the standard is the only one to check every box. I don't know what I was waiting for."

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The Standard Poodle

Graceful yet sporty, Standard Poodles are affectionate, loving, curious, and love to learn. They are among the most versatile of dogs, both in ability and appearance. From service dog to circus clown to hunting master, the standard poodle can do it all!

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Well-prepared Puppies

Our puppies are raised in the home, not a kennel. They're progressively exposed to different faces, spaces, and places, learn to sleep in crates, climb and descend stairs, potty outside, and generally just learn how to learn!

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Great Beginnings

Our poodle parents are health tested and OFA-rated to be free of hip-dysplasia, genetically tested and clear for heritable diseases like NEwS, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, von Willebrand's, Degenerative Myelopathy, and CAER eye certified.


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