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Welcome to Forest City Standard Poodles

Located in Central Florida near Orlando, Forest City Standard Poodles is a family of standard poodle enthusiasts who enjoy healthy, beautiful, well-tempered dogs that are a pleasure to own. Our poodles are family members, not kennel dogs; they live in our house, sleep in our bedrooms, and keep us company when we travel.


Our goal is to produce athletically built, temperamentally sound standard poodles with proper structure that avoid the over-angulation becoming common in the breed today.  Our color lines trend toward apricot, cream, blues and silvers in both solid and multicolor.  All our puppies are dual AKC and UKC registered standard poodles from parents that meet or exceed breed-recommended health-testing. We do not produce doodles or merles. 

UKCPremier Show

We typically have one litter per year and are proud to be an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program breeder. Puppies are raised in our home with a focus on positive developmental exposure and early socialization using protocols from Puppy Culture and (the now archived) Avidog program.

• To find out when we're planning our next litter, visit our AVAILABLE page.

• To learn more about our poodle family, see OUR CREW

We have 1000's of photos to share. Enjoy some of them below.

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Standard Poodles are smart, versatile, balanced dogs who desire to be part of the family. They're discerning and willing to jump through hoops (literally!) for those they respect and trust. Our poodles match our mood: They are couch potatoes when we're relaxing at home, and they're ready for action the second we get off the sofa. They like to sleep in as much as we do, and equally appreciate car rides, hikes, festivals, camping trips, and visits with friends.


We encourage people to ask anything and everything that they might want to know. This includes questions about temperament, training, care, nutrition, exercise, or anything else. 

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