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Welcome to Forest City Standard Poodles

At Forest City Standards, we are dedicated to breeding the highest quality standard poodles for service, family, and show homes. We are a small hobby breeder whose goal is to produce healthy, beautiful, and well-tempered dogs that are a pleasure to own. All of our poodles are raised in our home with a focus on positive developmental exposure and experiences, good health, and great disposition. We believe in providing puppies that are well-socialized, good with kids, and make wonderful family companions. If you are looking for the perfect standard poodle, look no further than Forest City Standards.

Located in Central Florida near Orlando, Forest City Standards raises only AKC/UKC registered standard poodles from parents that meet or exceed breed-recommended health-testing. We do not breed or advocate for doodles or merles. Our poodles are not kennel dogs - they are part of our family. They live in our house, sleep in our beds, and keep us company when we travel.  

We own five standards (three of which are retired) and use quality health-tested studs to enhance our line. We are currently preparing for the fourth generation. We enjoy showing in UKC conformation, FastCat, obedience, and just being poodle people!

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Puppy News - We should know by late March if we're expecting! Check our Available page for more info. This will be our only litter for 2023!

We're currently focusing on producing genetically diverse, structurally sound standard poodles that will excel in the show and performance rings and as companions. We have a fondness for multicolors (parti, sable, brindle) but also produce solids in a range of colors. Proud to be an AKC Bred with Heart breeder and rated Great breeder on Good Dog. We typically plan one litter per year for puppies available to outstanding homes.

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Standard Poodles are smart, versatile, balanced dogs who desire to be part of the family. They're discerning and willing to jump through hoops (literally!) for those they respect and trust. Our poodles match our mood: They are couch potatoes when we're relaxing at home, and they're ready for action the second we get off the sofa. They like to sleep in as much as we do, and equally appreciate car rides, hikes, festivals, camping trips, and visits with friends.


We're often asked if Standard Poodles make good service dogs - Poodles are conscientious and can make amazing service animals. Do they get along with chickens?  We have ours around birds but we'll never trust them around our birds unsupervised. They are, after all, bird dogs!

Are they good with kids? Growing puppies and young children are often a recipe for chaos so the answer depends on your expectations, the puppy, and the child. We can offer you some resources to read or watch so you know whether now is the right time for your family to add a puppy.

We encourage people to ask anything and everything that they might want to know. This includes questions about temperament, training, care, nutrition, exercise, or anything else. 

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