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Located in Central Florida, Forest City Standard Poodles takes pride in showcasing healthy, beautiful, and well-tempered AKC standard poodles that are a pleasure to live with. We share our home with six standard poodles - three of which we are showing and the remainder are beloved family companions. 

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Our goal is to produce sturdy medium-drive dogs with a loveable, reliable, and mellow temperament, all while still possessing that poodle air of confidence and grace. We're striving for dogs that closely meet the poodle standard. We know what we'd like to improve in our current line, but we also know what we'd like to keep in our dogs. 

When evaluated by AKC judges our dogs have been referred to as "European-style" as they tend to be heavier boned, broader chested, and maintain squareness without being overly short-backed. Our dogs mature around 22-25" at the shoulder and we'd like to stay in that range. We're also within the AKC standard weights of 40-50 lbs for females and 60-70 lbs for dogs. We enjoy both solid and multi-color poodles but do not support or contribute to the production of merles or poodle mixes. 

Our dogs have fantastic temperaments. They are biddable, loveable, smart, and tend to match the speed of their people. We've managed to avoid anxiety and snippiness in our lines and have bred several fully-trained service dogs, therapy dogs, and autism support dogs. 

We are active in the conformation and dog sport community, have been an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program member since 2018, rated Excellent on GoodDog, are a regular service-dog provider to 501c(3) organizations (they enjoy the size, sturdiness, and temperament of the dogs we produce), and have joined the BetterBred community with an eye toward producing genetically diverse and resilient standard poodles.

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