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We have two adult poodles available to perfect homes. Both are spayed or neutered, retired parents, housebroken, up to date on vaccines and heartworm prevention, genetic and hip-tested, and are lovable family members. There is such thing as too many, and to keep us having too many while we seek to improve our showing and breeding program, we reluctantly have to let some go. They deserve more one-on-one attention and affection than we can faithfully give when we start hitting the road in 2023. They don't have to go anywhere - we'll keep them here unless we find the perfect spot for them.

Their ideal home is a chaos-free home with no young children (they are retirees after all!), someone willing to share affection, who will take them for walks, take them places, make sure they receive the grooming and healthcare they require, and a place where they'll have a calm companion, whether human or canine. They are untested with cats, do well with other dogs so long as the other dog is not an "alpha." We'd like them to go to a home with no more than one other dog.

Nominal rehoming fee will apply. If you are interested in either, please email us!


LeeLo - 4-year old apricot female, spayed. LeeLo was born and raised here, named after Stan Lee and Lilo and Stitch. She's super affectionate with those close to her and guarded around strangers. She will need a fenced in yard because she might try to find her way back here!

Zero - 7-year old silver beige male. Neutered and housebroken. Everyone loves Zero! He's buddies with all the guys and a ladies man with the girls. He has sired over 50 gorgeous standard poodles that have gone on to be show and performance dogs, full service dogs for K9s for Warriors, and amazing family companions. Zero loves people and is the friendliest big boy ever. He deserves a retirement home where he can be the center of attention. If you are interested in Zero please email us!

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